úterý 25. října 2016

Bad Things Are Not Always Bad (And Parents Are Sometimes Right)

It's been a long time since I enjoyed the freedom of riding a horse in the woods and I miss it... But I also have to be honest to myself and admit that I'm now interested in other things and horses are animals that I love but don't have to ride every day anymore. But that's not how it used to be...

You know that feeling when your parents keep telling you what to do or not to do and you just don't want to listen to them because you think you know everything better and they're just ruining your life? I do! And I still feel that way sometimes but there were many times when I realised that they were right... It usually took time for me to see it but later I had to admit that they knew better...
One of many times when I realised it was last week. I don't even remember why but I opened old photos from time when I used to ride horses. I spent every minute of my free time with horses or at least thinking and reading about them between the age of 6 and 17. Then the combination of my disease, lack of time, money and some other factors made me stop riding horses.

sobota 15. října 2016

When You Miss Your Second Home

I knew that I'm going to miss that place but I had no idea that I would miss it so much. I also expected to miss my international friends but I didn't expect that I'd find myself missing the city...

When I was leaving Gothenburg I told to many people that I'd like to stay. They usually replied that they'd like to stay as well but only if they could stay there with all the other students they've met while studying there...

čtvrtek 13. října 2016

7 Things to Do in Prague

Guest post from Andrew from Wanderlust 15
Most of you know that I live in Prague and I'm planning to write posts for people planning to visit this beautiful city. When there was the opportunity that someone would write guest post about what to do in Prague I didn't hesitate a minute. Andrew from Wanderlust 15, where he posts great articles full of travel tips, wrote one for my blog too! And even though I know his tips do not need approval I have to say that I totally agree with all the point he mentioned that you should see :)

7 Things to Do in Prague

As the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, Prague has been an economic, political, and cultural center for Europe for at least one thousand years. Its history likely predates even that, but most historians place Prague Castle as the seat for the Dukes of Bohemia by 930 A.D. at the latest. Though the city’s fortunes have waxed and waned over the years, modern Prague has not only preserved its history but also turned itself into a hustling, bustling modern metropolitan center. Who could blame a traveler for wanting to visit? If you do, here are our seven favorite things to do in Prague.

1. Old Town Square

neděle 9. října 2016

5 Things I Miss about Studying at Swedish University

Some of you know that I've spet one semester in Gothenburg, Sweden. Now when I'm already back in the Czech Republic I've realised that I miss a couple of things that I got used to while studying at the University of Gothenburg. 
Čeština níže...

1. Calling teachers with their first names
In Sweden you call teachers with their first name. Not only it is really nice and it brings you closer to the teacher, it also makes everything less stressful. Here, in the Czech Republic, you always have to use the right title in front of the teacher's name and it can be a bit confusing when there are more of them. I'm sure you can imagine that stress we all have before writing an email (it takes a lot of courage to press "Send"). I don't want to make it sound like I didn't have to show respect to the teachers in Sweden, we all did, it's just doable without tons of titles as well.

2. Less time spent in school

čtvrtek 6. října 2016

Living Abroad: Katie - from the US to Europe

Last time when I told you about this project I came up with, many of you were excited to read more about people living abroad. And after I got the first answers from Katie I promise you that you'll love these interviews because all these people have many interesting things to tell you! 
Čeština níže...

Hi! I thought it would be perfect to start my series of interviews with you since you now live abroad but you live in Prague (which is home for me :)). But it wasn't just Prague, am I right? Could you please introduce yourself to my readers and also tell us where have you lived so far?
It’s true!  I first lived abroad for a semester in Aix-en-Provence, France in 2011.  Afterwards, I went back to the US to finish my degree, and then I moved for one year to Cardiff, Wales.  My bachelor’s degree is in Theatre with a focus in Production and Design, but after I studied abroad the first time, I realized that I was much more interested in cultural studies and international education, so I made a dedicated career change.  I did my master’s degree in European Studies with a focus in Culture and Ideology, and eventually accepted a job offer to work at a highly-respected Czech university in Prague.  Full time, I work as a program administration for international students while they’re studying abroad in Prague.  In my spare time, I travel as much as I can, and run my travel blog- Study Hard Travel Smart.  My blog was initially meant for friends and family to keep up with my travels, but it eventually turned into a much wider community which I absolutely love!  The blog now focuses on culturally immersive travel and study abroad, but also has my musings about expat living, living in Prague, culture, travel, etc.

What was the first reason for moving abroad? Was it something you wanted to do for a long time?
My undergraduate university required all students to have a “cross cultural experience” of at least 14 days.  I wanted to make my experience as long as possible, so I went for an entire semester.  I had always wanted to travel back to Aix-en-Provence after visiting for just a day several years earlier, so the program was perfect for me.  After I got my first taste of living abroad in Aix, I knew that it was something I wanted to do much more of!

úterý 27. září 2016

NotSittingOnMyAssThisSummer: National Park Plitvička Jezera

Even tho I'm Czech I've never been to Croatia (that's country where almost everyone goes for holidays!) and I've never even really wanted to go there because of the sea but there was one place I wanted to see which was National Park Plitviče Lakes...
Čeština níže...

Plitvice Lakes is worldwide known national park but for Czech people (or people mostly from post-communist countries) there is another reason why everyone knows it - there was shot super popular movie with main character Indian Vinnetou. I love these old movies as well but honestly I didn't think about them at all while walking through this beautiful park. There's actually not much to think because you're just so overwhelmed with the beauties of this place! Two words how to describe this place? Lakes and waterfalls. 

čtvrtek 22. září 2016

Living Abroad

Have you ever spent a few months or years living abroad? I'm pretty sure that if your answer is yes you'd understand my opinion that this experience is really different from what we all know from vacations and holidays. I'd even call it a life changing experience...
Čeština níže...

Author: Vincent de Laat

I only spent 5 months in Sweden as an Erasmus student but it had already helped me to see my life and world differently. As I said at the beginning, I think that living abroad can change your life (as it has mine) and the way you see things. 
But I have talked to many of my friends after I came home from 5 months in Sweden and I realised that there are many people who would like to go but not everyone is brave enough to do that! I think that I'm the perfect example of a shy person who jumped into it and had the best time of his life. But it might not be enough... so I thought that I'd come up with series of interviews with people who are or were living abroad. Why?

úterý 20. září 2016

FoodPorn: Sweet/Salty Peanut Butter Bars

I'm pretty sure we all know that feeling when we are scroll through our facebook feed and suddenly we see recipe video - suddenly you're almost drooling and you say to yoursel: "I'm so gonna make this!" ... Well, that happens a lot but then I actually never prepare the dish. This time I did tho!
Čeština dole...

This is definitely the unhealthiest food that I've ever prepared but it's also one of the tastiest as well :) If you like sweet and salty combination, you'll love it! This is foodporn at it's best, especially for peanut butter lovers ... Is your cheat day coming? This is something you have to make! 

pátek 16. září 2016

#NotSittingOnMyAssThisSummer: Short Stop in Kutná Hora

Kutná Hora is second mostly visited Czech town after Prague and one of the reasons why is its famous church - St Barbara's Cathedral and its surroundings. 
Czech below...

Kutná Hora is small but beautiful city only one hour by train from Prague and from place where I live it's only 20 minutes by car. I've been there a couple of times and this time when I found out that I'll have to go there and that I'll have a bit of time to look around, I decided to take my camera with me to take a few shots.

neděle 4. září 2016

FoodPorn: Stuffed and Baked Zucchini

I'm pretty sure you all know that feeling when you're supposed to study but you do anything else instead. Right now I should be studying for one of my exams but cooking and then writing about it seems like a betterway to spend time right now!
Čeština níže...

I have to admit that I'm not really fan of zucchini but because we had some left at home that I didn't want to throw away I tried to bake it stuffed with minced meat, cheese and tomatoes. I didn't really follow any recipe, it is that kind of dish made of leftovers. But it's really tasty and quick!